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Building smart solutions for customer's physical environment is only part of Rushmore's story. The implementation, training of in-house technical teams and the global support offered by us demonstrates our commitment to excellence in the software industry. Our smart solutions for critical applications of our customers have been successfully installed and supported worldwide.

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Get a world class mobile application development service that works with you and ensures that your idea is implemented and turned into a beautiful mobile solution with back end as cloud web services.

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Providing value for buisness by helping drive the business using best possbile business processes, core development capabilities and help manage the risks of the business.

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mzMore is an advanced mass spectrometer (MS) data processing software for liquid chromatography mass spectrometer (LC-MS) based quantitative proteomics.


mzMore is an advanced mass spectrometer (MS) data processing software. mzMore has been developed specifically for liquid chromatography mass spectrometer (LC-MS) based quantitative proteomics; it can process both label free and isotope labeled proteomic data. The data mining capability of mzMore makes it possible to be used to process any type of LC-MS or MS data.

mzMore LC MS is a data analysis program that helps you to find and quantify the proteins showing interesting behaviour in your label-free samples. It has a simple, guided workflow for differential protein expression and protein characterisation of single or fractionated samples.

TData import, reference run selection and alignment are performed automatically by the software. This provides more objective, reproducible analysis and reduces time spent at your computer. After performing these critical steps, alignment quality scores and visual displays are reported. These give you confidence that automatic peak picking and normalization will achieve the best results possible or, quickly guide you to problems within your data.

Key features of mzMore include:

•  Accurate and easier retention time alignment

•  Accurate quantification

•  Easy integration of protein database search results

•  Objective, efficient analysis with automated data processing

•  Elegant data representation in 1D, 2D and 3D for visualization

•  Powerful inbuilt statistical tool with ability to export to other statistical tools

•  Phenomenal reduction of time taken for data proces

•  Complete automation that requires minimal manual intervention

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Proteom Map is to process the MS data file and display it as quality image. The salient features of this product are

•  ProteomeMap can map the identified proteins on a 2D map of LC-MS data

•  All MSMS data with and without peptide sequence will be displayed distinctly with different colours

•  ProteomeMap will help the user to see the MSMS spectrum with and without peptide hits simultaneously

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